The Standard ML Basis Library

The Byte structure


signature BYTE
structure Byte :> BYTE

Bytes are 8-bit integers as provided by the Word8 structure, but serve the dual role as elements composing the extended ASCII character set. The Byte structure provides functions for converting values between these two roles.


val byteToChar : Word8.word -> char
val charToByte : char -> Word8.word
val bytesToString : Word8Vector.vector -> string
val stringToBytes : string -> Word8Vector.vector
val unpackStringVec : Word8VectorSlice.slice -> string
val unpackString : Word8ArraySlice.slice -> string
val packString : Word8Array.array * int * substring -> unit


byteToChar i
returns the character whose code is i.

charToByte c
returns an 8-bit word holding the code for the character c.

val bytesToString : Word8Vector.vector -> string
val stringToBytes : string -> Word8Vector.vector
These functions convert between a vector of character codes and the corresponding string. Note that these functions do not perform end-of-line, or other character, translations. The semantics of these functions can be defined as follows, although one expects actual implementations will be more efficient:
	    fun bytesToString bv =
        	    Word8Vector.length bv,
        	    fn i => byteToChar(Word8Vector.sub(bv, i)))
	    fun stringToBytes s =
        	    String.size s,
        	    fn i => charToByte(String.sub(s, i)))
Implementation note:

For implementations where the underlying representation of the Word8Vector.vector and string types are the same, these functions should be constant-time operations.

unpackStringVec slice
returns the string consisting of characters whose codes are held in the vector slice slice.

val unpackString : Word8ArraySlice.slice -> string
returns the string consisting of characters whose codes are held in the array slice slice.

packString (arr, i, s)
puts the substring s into the array arr starting at offset i. It raises Subscript if i < 0 or size s + i > |arr|.

See Also

Char, String, Substring, WORD, Word8, Word8Vector, Word8VectorSlice, Word8Array, Word8ArraySlice

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